Valpo ATA Self-Defense Seminar, Valpo ATA
(Photo by Valpo ATA)

Valpo ATA Black Belt Academy — an Indiana-based company that teaches a host of martial arts-based self-defense programs — will host a self-defense seminar on Friday, November 7.

According to, this class includes training on breaking holds, striking pressure points, pain compliance, and gun defense. They’ll also go over the various types of sexual harassment, and how to defend against this using techniques such as a hip check and joint manipulation.

This seminar, which features interactive self-defense instruction and safety practices, is also designed to emphasize safety for college students.

Valpo ATA’s self-defense seminar is suitable for both men and women ages 10 and up. The cost of attendance is $10 per person. To register, call 462-5000 or email [email protected].

As the statement on points out, this isn’t the first time Valpo ATA has taught this particular self-defense class. They have also hosted the seminar at the Social Security Administration office at Valparaiso University, and to the staff at Porter County School.

The self-defense seminar will take place at Valpo ATA, which is located at 52 Marks Road, Suite 2.

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