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A recent self-defense class at Midway Park in Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune taught students a variety of self-defense techniques designed to help you protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a physical attack.

According to the Camp Lejeune Globe, the two-hour Marine and Family Team Building’s Self-Defense 101 class featured a demonstration of hold, strike, kick, grab and pressure point techniques. Situational awareness skills and tips were also discussed.

“Awareness of one’s surroundings is the most important technique taught, as well as being able to use your voice,” said Jim Asher, class instructor and readiness and deployment support trainer for the Marine Corps Family Team Building program.

As the Globe points out, research conducted by the University of Oregon indicates that women who participate in a self-defense class are “significantly” less likely to be subjected to an attack. Asher says it’s all about how you carry yourself. Attackers are less likely to approach you if you appear confident and capable. If they do initiate an attack, they’ll most likely back off once they realize you know how to defend yourself.

Asher advises that you walk in well populated areas. Screaming also important, as it demonstrates to others that something is wrong.

“The benefits of participating in the Self-Defense 101 class are numerous,” said Asher. “As a result of attending, participants gain a better understanding of basic self-defense techniques, which teaches a person to be more aware of what is happening and will build greater confidence in their ability.”

For more information about Self-Defense 101 classes, call 910-451-0176.

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