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(Photo by Centennial Gun Club)

A free concealed carry class designed specifically for teachers at Colorado’s Centennial Airport welcomed over 500 participants on Saturday.

According to RTV6, Centennial Gun Club staged the eight-hour class inside an airplane hangar at the airport. There, teachers were taught the basics of handling a firearm, shooting fundamentals, drawing from a holster, and more. The class included presentations by Sheriff David Walcher, D.A. George Brauchler, and Senator Ted Harvey.

In a statement, Centennial Gun Club said they were organizing the class to counter the “ongoing epidemic of school shootings and other illegal gun violence perpetrated in gun-free zones throughout the United States.”

One of the participants in the class was Samantha Schuller. As RTV6 reports, Schuller was attending Platte Canyon High School as a sophomore in 2006 when she and other students were held hostage by a gunman. She’s now a first-grade teacher with a desire to obtain her concealed carry permit. However, guns are not allowed on school grounds in the Centennial State.

“I know how it feels waking up one morning thinking it’s a completely normal day and then to go to bed that night and be completely changed forever — based on the experienced in one day and the choices of one person,” she said. “It’s very disheartening to take all of the steps up to but then not be able to actually protect myself the way I want to.”

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