I’ll freely admit that when I first got into guns I was not totally sold on the 1911. I respected its warrior legacy and the genius of its design (and designer), but I was not too sure about carrying around a gun with the hammer cocked. I just thought that DA/SA guns and striker-fired pistols were a better choice for me. That was until I took a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP through a Gunsite 250 pistol class. At the end of that week with that pistol, I was not only totally comfortable with presenting it from the holster and engaging targets, but also with carrying it as a self-defense pistol in Condition One (with the hammer cocked and the safety on).

In the years since that experience, I have carried that TRP with me as my CCW pistol, feeling very well protected and extremely secure. I also like to try out new gear and gadgets to see what makes for good enhancements and keep up with what is current in the market. To that end, I recently had an opportunity to try out an interesting accessory in the form of the LG-451 Laserguard unit from Crimson Trace.

Part of the company’s Laserguard series, the LG-451 packs a powerful green laser unit inside a compact polymer housing. The housing is designed to clamp around the triggerguard of the 1911, allowing for a low-profile means of attaching it to the pistol. Due to the fact that it clamps to the triggerguard, it can work with both full-sized and compact 1911 variants. To activate the unit one simply engages what the company calls the “Instinctive Activation” system, which is a button that hangs down below the triggerguard and lies flat against the upper face of the frontstrap of the pistol. By gripping the pistol in a natural hold, you can instantly engage the green laser unit.

The laser itself is fully windage and elevation adjustable, and it features a master “on/off” switch for disabling the laser. Powered by one CR2 lithium battery, the LG-451 is claimed to be capable of running for more than two hours of constant run time. From the factory, the laser is sighted at 50 yards, and the size of the green dot is roughly 0.5 inches in size at that distance. It adds no perceivable weight to the pistol, making it an easy addition that will not negatively affect the balance and handling of your handgun. However, it will require the use of a specialized holster if you plan on carrying it. For that need, you may want to look at one of the company’s grip-mounted laser units. All in all, I found the LG-451 to be an interesting option for my favorite 1911 pistol.

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