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I-594 goes into effect in December.
(Photo by KREM)

In the wake of the passage of I-594 — a measure that requires universal background checks for all gun sales and transfers — in Washington state, local gun owners are buying up more guns before the law goes into effect.

According to KREM, there is a “firearm frenzy” happening in Spokane, where several gun stores have experienced a surge in sales. One shop said sales have increased 25 percent in the last few weeks. Hunting gear normally proves especially popular this time of year.

“The attitude is, ‘I need to buy it before I can’t,'” said gun store owner Robin Ball.

Gun owner Mark Jones told KREM that the law itself doesn’t concern him, but rather, the “precedent” of more gun control.

“They’re just making it more difficult for everybody, as time goes on and it’s just frustrating more than anything,” said Jones.

I-594 passed with 60 percent approval from voters. As KREM points out, that’s alarming to gun owners like Jones who believe the law is the beginning of a slippery slope.

“I feel like this is just continuously progressing in a way to limit the amount of firearms that can be purchased by legal citizens,” said Jones.

I-594 goes into effect on December 4.

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