HighCom Security, a Clearwater, Florida-based manufacturer of personal protective gear, offers a line of Civilian Armor Inserts which are capable of withstanding multiple shot impacts from handgun fire.

According to the product release, these level IIIA ballistic resistant inserts — which are tested according to the National Institute of Justice and designed and manufactured in the USA — are made of UHMWPE-based material and boast a 1000D Water resistant textured Nylon finish. Typically used by civilians (hence the name), these inserts can be placed into existing backpacks, laptop bags, ipad cases, luggage, briefcases and more. The size of the insert is measured in inches, and weights vary depending on the cut. Simply put, these inserts provide the end user with an affordable and lightweight multi-hit protection solution for any situation, including work, school, or other normal everyday activities.

HighCom’s Civilian Armor Inserts are available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $108.99. See below for additional details.


* Multi-hit capabilities
* Plate Materials: UHMPE based material
* Finish: 1000D Water resistant textured Nylon
* Size: All sizes are measured in inches and weights vary depending on cut
* Custom Sizing Available
* Ballistic Solution: NIJ IIIA 0108.01

Suggested Applications

* Laptop case
* iPad case
* Tablet case
* Backpack
* Briefcase
* Suitcase
* Purse

How To Measure Your Insert

1.) Most cases will provide the inside dimensions of the products also know as the “ID”
2.) If physical measure is required please measure from one inside edge to the other providing a length and width to purchase your insert.
3.) If you are unsure, contact HighCom Security for additional help

For more information about HighCom’s Civilian Armor Inserts, and the full range of products currently offered by HighCom Security, please visit

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