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An Orange County, Indiana homeowner shot and killed a home invader at his residence.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Philip Hensley told WLKY that a masked man carrying a knife broke into a home in Hardinsburg at approximately 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

There were three people in the home at the time, two brothers, Barry and Terah Frost, and their 86-year-old mother. Upon hearing suspicious noises downstairs, the brothers moved the mother into a bedroom and went to investigate.

They found only a broken front door.

“The brothers got some tools out, a flashlight, a drill. They’re gonna fix the door. Barry goes to open the cellar door and he looks down and sees feet,” Hensley said.

As WLKY reports, the feet belonged to 23-year-old Jacob Grimes. Grimes, armed with a knife, attacked Barry, punching him repeatedly. Grimes managed to get on top of Barry and continued punching him. At that point, Terah shot Grimes three times in the back with a handgun, killing him.

“He’s already attacked one homeowner. What’s to say he’s not going to take the knife and attempt to kill all three residents?” Hensley said.

Police said the crime appears to be random, as the suspect and homeowners did not know each other.

WLKY says the investigation is still ongoing. Police will know more once the toxicology reports are completed in six to eight weeks.

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