If you’re looking for a low profile, easy-to-attach secure carrying case for your speedloader, the JOX Loader Pouch fits the bill.

According to the press release, this form fitted Kydex case effortlessly slips on and snaps onto the underside of the belt via a J-hook attachment. The convenient design of the pouch positions the speedloader directly above the beltline, meaning it’s effortlessly concealed from view. Meanwhile, the out-board side of the JOX Loader Pouch retains the speedloader via a flat walled convex curve, and the inboard side retains the top via a half-moon griping lip. The speedloader is easily removable. The end user simply seizes the speedloder, leans it away from the half-moon griping lip, and draws it up and away.

JOX Loader Pouches are currently available for the following J-, K- and D-frame speedloaders: HKS; Buffer Technology’s JetLoader; Safariland’s Comp I, II, & III; SL Variant.

Michael de Bethencourt, nationally known snub revolver trainer, reports: “I have used nearly every avail- able style, shape and design of speed-loader pouch in my classes, police work and book research. I have never used a more practical, reliable or versatile speed-loader holder.”

Nick Jacques, the JOX Loader Pouches manufacturer, reported: “When I started I wanted to design a speedloader pouch for concealed carry that would easily conceal under a T-shirt. I also wanted a pouch which held the loader securely but would allow for a very fast release.”

The manufacturer suggested retail price is $43.

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