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A Missouri concealed carry class is proving popular among local residents.

According to the Daily Dunkin Democrat, the Southeast Missouri (SEMO) Firearms Training class is offered monthly in Kennett. It is taught by two law enforcement officers: Sgt. Dennis Rainey, a Missouri State Highway Patrolman (MSHP) who has over 25 years of service and certification as a firearms instructor, and Chief Randy Cobb, who has been with the MSHP for 22 years.

The concealed carry class is divided into two portions: classroom instruction and range training. During the eight-hour class, attendees learn the cardinal rules of gun safety, the rules and regulations associated with carrying a concealed weapon for self-defense, home safety procedures, gun care and maintenance, and much more.

“When stopped, always tell an officer if you have a firearm, prior to reaching in the direction of it,” said Rainey when discussing how to interact with law enforcement officers. “Be sure to tell them where it is, and ask what they want you to do, before ever reaching in the direction of any documents that may be near a weapon.

“Remember that they (police officers) do not know you, nor what your intentions are, so for them, you could be perceived as a potential threat to their safety,” Rainey added.

After the classroom portion is finished, students head to a firing range in Cardwell for range training, the Daily Dunkin Democrat reports. There, they’ll be able to implement their newfound knowledge and become comfortable using a firearm. During last Saturday’s class, which included 11 women and three men, many students brought their own firearm, while others held one for the first time.

For more information about the SEMO Firearms Training program, or to apply for the class, visit www.semofirearmstraining.com, or call 573-344-0833.

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