Magnum Research is now offering their Desert Eagle 1911G, 1911C and 1911U handguns in stainless steel.

According to the press release, the first of these handguns, the full-sized DE1911GSS, boasts a 5.05″ barrel, an overall length of 8.625″, a slide width of 1.28″, and a weight of 36.2 oz. Meanwhile, the slide thickness is 0.92″, the grip thickness is 1.30″, the trigger pull is 3-4 lbs, and the trigger reach is 2.77″. In addition, the grip has front strap checking at 20 lines per inch. The DE1911GSS also has a high-profile sculptured rear sight, drift adjustable for windage, and a pinned-in white dot front sight. It ships with two 8-round magazines. MSRP is $904.

The DE1911CSS is slightly smaller than the DE1911GSS and shares many of the same features as that gun, but it has a shorter barrel length of 4.33”, an overall length of 7.87” and a weight of just 33.9 oz. MSRP is also $904.

The 1911 U, the undercover model, now comes with an an aluminum anodized frame and a stainless steel slide. It also has a barrel length of just 3″, a height of 5″, an overall length of 6.85″, and a weight of just 25.8 oz. MSRP is $1,019.00.

“The demand for our 1911 models has always been strong for Magnum Research.” stated Jim Tertin, director of manufacturing for Magnum Research. “So we decided to dress it up, and with the combination of the crisp trigger pull and the accuracy, this will be a very fun gun to shoot. It looks good, fits well in your hand and with stainless steel you can expect to be able to pass it down to your son or daughter.”

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