1911A1 Government Model .45ACP Clone, 1911a1
1911A1 Government Model .45ACP Clone

MKS Supply is releasing a replica of the famous World War II-era 1911A1 Government Model pistol in .45 ACP.

This 1911A1, which is being produced by Inland Manufacturing, LLC., looks identical to the original .45 on the outside. It is accurately detailed down to the vertical slide serrations, exterior finish, fixed combat sights, and lanyard loop. It also features plastic grips styled and colored like the originals. On the inside, this pistol uses modern advancements in metallurgy and internal design to create stronger components, as well as improved reliability and accuracy.

“Originals of these guns can get pretty expensive in good-looking, useable form and, in collector quality, just flat painful to buy and then not use,” Charles Brown of MKS Supply, LLC, said in a statement. “But a real-deal, affordable, high-quality clone you can shoot the heck out of without fear of hurting collector value, now that is fun.”

This 1911A1 will be available at a MSRP of $749.00.


* Caliber: .45 ACP (of course)
* Barrel: 5 inches
* Weight: 39 oz.
* Grips: Brown checkered plastic
* Sights: Military style, rear drift adjustable
* Magazine: One 7-round (will fit other Mil. Spec. magazines)
* Construction: Modern 4100 series steels
* Warranty: One year
* MSRP: $749.00

As the press release notes, the original Inland Production company was a division of General Motors and produced over 2.5 million M1 Carbines for the war effort. Inland did not produce 1911s at the time. However, the current Inland Manufacturing Company is now producing clone versions both. For more information about the 1911A1 Government Model .45ACP Clone, and the full range of products currently offered by Inland Manufacturing, please visit http://www.inland-mfg.com

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