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Negrini Gun Luggage
(Photo by Negrini)

Gun case manufacturer Negrini has introduced their new “Gun Luggage” line of rifle cases for the traveling hunter, which combines a hard gun case with high quality Italian luggage.

“The new lightweight Gun Luggage cases use intelligent design to combine luggage capacity and guns in a highly functional and spacious, rolling hard case,” Steve Lamboy, President and CEO of International Case Company/Negrini, said in a statement. “Packing all the gear and guns for my hunting trip just became lighter and easier.”

As the press release notes, Negrini Gun Luggage, which is approved for international air travel, comes with a thermoformed double wall case capable of holding and adequately protecting two scoped rifles or long guns in upholstered compartments in the bottom of the case. All other duffel is stored in the top and separated by a padded divider that keeps the guns secure. The top half has strong, elastic cargo netting which keeps your gear organized.

This new luggage also boasts two skate wheels and an ergonomic handle for ease of movement, as well as four TSA accepted composite and steel combination locks to ensure optimum security.

“Negrini Gun Luggage is available now, in time for the busy holiday travel season, and is offered in a one or two gun version,” Lamboy commented. “And, the Gun Luggage is available in many finish options from standard to full leather,” he said.

The new Gun Luggage is available now at Negrini Premium dealers, and online at for an MSRP of $499.

For more information about Negrini’s new line of Gun Luggage rifle cases, and the full range of products currently offered by Negrini, please visit

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