Idaho-based holster manufacturer Milt Sparks has announced the release of their new Criterion holster. The Criterion features the company’s new self closing, neodymium magnetic loop that has the same holding attributes as the traditional one-way snap, but is much easier to align and fasten to the belt. The steel cup portion of the closure shields the belt from putting direct pressure on the loop closure that might cause accidental separation as sometimes happens with regular snaps. And because you don’t need to allow for additional room in the loop like you would need to work the one-way snap, a smaller, closer fitting loop can be had with less slop. The manufacturer suggested retail price ranges from $125 to $180.

Right now the Criterion is only available for the 1911 models, but patterns for Glock models are now in the works and soon to be available for Sigs, M&P’s and XD’s.

Other features include:

* No exposed metal hardware on the body side of the holster.
* Approximate 25° cant on 1911. Compared to the 18° – 20° cant of the model VM-2 for 1911.
* Rides as low as possible in the waistband while still allowing for a full firing grip on initial hand contact.
* Available in either all rough-side-out (RSO), natural finish, or smooth-side-out (SSO), black, cordovan, or tan.

“We are dedicated to producing practical designs for everyday use,” the company’s Facebook page reads. “Our products are handcrafted to please even the most discriminating individual for whom pride of ownership dictates that he or she has only the best.” For more information, visit

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