Franklin Revolver and Rifle Association
Photo by Franklin Revolver and Rifle Association

The Franklin Revolver and Rifle Association in New Jersey held its 26th Women & Guns class, which featured volunteer coaches and range safety officers teaching 23 women about firearms safety and shooting handguns.

National Pistol Champion John Heller gave a one-hour lecture about the aforementioned topics. “The class learned and practiced safe handgun usage by treating the guns with respect, keeping the muzzles (barrels) pointed in a safe direction and keeping fingers off of the triggers until ready to shoot — among other safety rules,” the statement in the Advertiser News reads. “Fundamentals of handgun shooting included stance, breathing, sight picture, trigger squeeze and a follow-up pause after every shot.”

Students used .22 LR semi-auto target pistols, although revolvers were also permitted. “These handguns are designed primarily for competitive and recreational use as opposed to hunting or self-defense. Sights on the guns are either basic open iron sights or electronic sights with illuminated reticles, or ‘red dots,'” the statement reads. “Two magazines are loaded with five rounds each and 10 shots are fired before making the shooting line safe and going downrange to evaluate, score and repair the targets.”

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