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The concealed carry seminar hosted by PA State Rep. Matt Baker (pictured) and Tina Pickett welcomed over 225 gun owners.

A concealed carry seminar in Troy, Pennsylvania proved to be popular among local residents.

As the Daily Review reports, the Troy Vet’s Club Home Association was completely packed out for the event hosted by State Representatives Matt Baker and Tina Pickett on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

“Over 225 law abiding gun owners, and potential gun owners gathered together at the Troy Vets Club to learn more about the state’s concealed carry laws and other firearm-related regulations including the Castle Doctrine,” Baker said, according to the Daily Review.

On the issue of the Castle Doctrine, which permits a homeowner to use deadly force in self defense, Baker has said in the past “If that person is still presenting a danger to you and you really feel it’s what you have to do, then do it. But, as I say, it should be the last thing you’d want to do.”

The seminar’s guest speakers were Bradford County Sheriff C.J. Walters and Bradford County District Attorney Dan Barrett, both of whom provided participants with important information about gun ownership, transporting firearms out of state, and the legal implications of using a firearm to protect oneself.

The concealed carry seminar has also been offered elsewhere in the county, the Daily Review noted.

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