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For the 2015 issue of GUN BUYER’S ANNUAL, author Dave Norman explained how shooters of all experience levels could benefit from participating in action shooting matches. As a lifelong shooter, Norman sees action shooting as an essential element in any shooter’s desire to possess real-world self-defense skills.

“My father taught me the fundamentals of shooting. Several instructors helped me tweak my form and improve my aim. But it wasn’t until much later that I had the chance to attend formal tactical training. Along the way, I discovered what many shooters have found at small matches held on ranges throughout the country…I discovered tactical shooting matches, like those held under the aegis of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA),” said Norman.

Norman continued by breaking down the types of matches offered by the most popular shooting organizations, giving readers a variety of options to test their firearms skills in a new environment for the first time.

“Those organizations are dedicated to promoting tactical marksmanship. The IDPA uses the word “defensive” and USPSA uses the word “practical” to mean something of the same sort of thing, though how they structure their matches is rather different. Both competitions are fantastic for challenging defense-minded shooters to see how good they are with their everyday carry and home defense guns,” said Norman. “Shooting competitions often challenge you to shoot while moving (a favorite component of USPSA), to use cover while engaging targets (count on that in IDPA matches), draw from concealment (another IDPA standard practice), and sometimes even operate around vehicles or other obstacles. While these competitions are not training, and cannot replace proper training, they do test your skills and put you into physical—and mental—positions from which you’ve probably never fired before.”

To read the full article, check out the 2015 issue of GUN BUYER’S ANNUAL, available on newsstands November 11th, 2014. To purchase the issue, go to

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