Watch the Springfield XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact in action below!

Springfield Armory has upgraded its XD offerings with the XD Mod.2, a revised 9mm subcompact that offers refined contours, a new grip-to-hand interface and the superb front and rear sights developed for the company’s latest .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S models.

Based on the 3-inch-barrelled XD Sub-Compact, the new Mod.2 gives you an outstanding combination of the proven 3-inch barrel length with features from the latest XD-S 9mm. In outward appearance the Mod.2 sports a new contour to the polymer frame, changing how that frame integrates with a new slide design. It is a more refined pistol that is easier to handle, has slightly leaner dimensions and is faster to get on target.

At the heart of the Mod.2 is a new multi-surface grip texturing boldly molded into the grip strap. It is called Grip Zone, and it is literally embossed into the side panels. The new design has varying surface textures, a concept based around the dynamics of the human hand. The three-quarter panel, where the palm swell and the first joints of the fingers wrap around the grip, is the most aggressively textured for a firm, tactile hold. The front and rear surfaces are the second most aggressively textured where the palm and the insides of the fingers grasp the pistol. Combined, the front, rear and three-quarter panels make the Mod.2 less prone to torque, wrench or lever during recoil. The third surface is a mild texture light grain that extends from the side panels to the entire frame. Additionally, the Mod.2 triggerguard is rounded at the front like the new XD-S models, rather than squared off like earlier XD versions.

The new, more rounded and slightly narrower slide boasts several improvements including new rear serrations, which Springfield calls the “Posi-Wedge Slide Serrations.” This deeply recessed design with five grooves helps reduce the chance for slippage when racking the slide.

The single most import feature of the new slide design, however, comes from replacing the original white-dot sights with the latest XD-S’ red fiber-optic front sight and combat-style white-dot rear. This combo on the Mod.2 makes the pistol faster to get on target under varying lighting conditions and extends the sight radius by 0.5 inches.

Tipping the scale at 26 ounces unloaded, the XD-9 Mod.2 measures 6.25 inches in length, 4.75 inches in height from the base of the magazine to the top of the low-profile combat rear sight, and 1.19 inches in width. In short, it is a pretty small gun for a 14-round 9mm. Springfield also offers an extended-capacity magazine for the Mod.2 that adds another three rounds for a 16+1 capacity and a longer grip (with the magazine’s X-Tension), which increases height to 5.5 inches. There will also be a matching Mod.2 chambered in .40 S&W with a 9+1 standard capacity and 12+1 with the extended magazine.

With the XD’s grip angle, high-hand beavertail and grip safety working in concert with Springfield’s Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) blade trigger safety, the Mod.2 takes nothing away from the previous XD Sub-Compact design but adds features that bring this established Springfield model up to par with the latest XD-S series.

Check out the video below to see Springfield Armory’s new XD Mod.2 in action, and look for a full review in an upcoming issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS. To subscribe, go to

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