Swab-Its, a company that manufactures foam applicating swabs for precision cleaning and applying materials, is unveiling its new .177 and .22cal Bore-Whips.

These brand new additions to the Swab-Its family are pull-through gun cleaning products which can be inserted from the breech and compete with any product on the market by providing tight, complete bore coverage. The .177 bore-whips are perfect for use with precision airguns and .17 caliber rimfire and centerfire rifles, while the new .22 Bore-Whips are designed for use with airguns, semi-autos and lever actions. In addition, both the .177 and the .22cal Bore-Whips function as Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI).

Swab-Its is best known for the popular Bore-Tips that are great for cleaning and lubricating firearm bores. The company also offers Gun-Tips that can get into all the nooks and crannies. These new Bore-Whips bring faster, easier pull-through cleaning for .17’s and .22’s.

The brand new .177 Bore-Whips are available right now in a three-pack at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $10.99. Meanwhile, the .22 Bore-Whips have not yet been released. They are expected to be available mid-December.


* Bag of 3 Bore-whips for $10.99
* .177 / 4.5mm pull-through
* Bore-whips are Ideal for Airguns
* Allows cleaning from breech to muzzle
* Functions as an ECI
* Washable and Reusable

Swab-its is a registered trademark of Super Brush, LLC, whose products are used in diverse industries ranging from aerospace to medical to arts and crafts. For more information about the Swab-Its .177 Bore-Whips, and the full range of products currently offered by Swab-Its, please visit

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