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The TPD's Rape Aggression Defense class is offered six times a year.

The Crime Prevention Unit of the Tallahassee Police Department in Florida is offering the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class for women.

According to WCTV, statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence show that 1 in 12 women have been stalked, and 1 in 6 have been sexually assaulted.

It’s stats like that which inspired women like Tiona Cage to sign up for the RAD class.

“I was at a grocery store. I was just getting food for the week and I was in the parking lot and somebody came over and they were very persistent and would not leave me alone,” Cage told WCTV.

While she managed to escape, Cage realized she needed to learn how to defend herself.

“As women, we’re taught to be kind of quiet, to stay out of the way. We don’t want to be too aggressive. But when it comes to defending ourselves I think it’s really important for us to kind of flip the script and be comfortable in that role as well,” Cage said.

Enter the RAD class, which teaches a variety of self-defense tactics and techniques specifically for women.

“We just give them the confidence that you can make it through an attack,” RAD Instructor Rhonda Kerce told WCTV.

TPD’s RAD class is offered is times times a year. The next classes are scheduled for December 6 & 13. See more here.

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