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(Photo by WSAZ)

A West Virginia homeowner shot and killed a burglar inside his residence on Wednesday morning.

According to WSAZ, the 65-year-old homeowner, who lives in the 200 block of Campbell’s Creek Road in Kanawha County, was out of town and returned home on Tuesday to find that his house had been burglarized. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, the homeowner heard suspicious noises, so he grabbed his gun and went to investigate.

That’s when he discovered 31-year-old Robert Andrew Carter in his garage.

As WSAZ reports, a confrontation ensued and the homeowner fired a warning shot. Carter then lunged toward him and the homeowner opened fire, shooting Carter.

Carter allegedly shouted “I’ll Kill you, old man” and continued charging at the homeowner, who then shot him in the chest. Carter was pronounced dead on the scene.

Carter is suspected of committing a string of burglaries in the area, police said.

I think he (the homeowner) done the right thing. If you can’t protect what you got, what’s the use of working and having — if somebody’s gonna come in and take it,” Fred Morris, a neighbor and long-time friend of the homeowner, told WSAZ.

The Sheriff’s Office is still investigating. Upon completion of the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office will forward the case to the Kanawha County Prosecutor’s Office, who will determine if any charges will be filed against the homeowner.

As WSAZ reports, West Virginia has a Castle Doctrine self-defense law on the books.

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