Watch the videos in the playlist below to see Dave & Brooke Sevigny, Kyle Holsclaw, Robert Vogel, Manny Bragg and Shannon Smith competing at the 2014 ProAm Southeastern Regional Championship!

The ProAm Shooting Southeast Regional Championship was held on November 7th to 9th and hosted by Atlanta 3-Gun at the South River Gun Club in Covington, Georgia. Well-known pro shooters Dave and Brooke Sevigny helped lead the event, with Dave handling the pro-am sponsor coordination and Brooke acting as the match director. Dave also designed the challenging, seven-stage course of fire (with a tie-breaker), with the par times established and validated by professional shooter and non-competitor Ben Stoeger. To ensure that the stages were fair and featured reasonable times, Dave, Robert Vogel and Phil Strader were also on hand to observe the process.

The match entry fee was structured so that amateurs could enter the Iron Sight and Open divisions for $200, and for pros it was $350 for the same. Overall, there were 267 Iron Sight and Open division entries among the pro and amateur competitors.

While the winning prizes for the pro shooters was cash, the amateurs who placed in their class or division were able to take away a very nice award from the prize table, whose contents had a net worth well over $60,000. The table was first visited by the top five overall competitors in a division, followed by first place in each class, then second place in each class, third in each class and then back to overall order of finish. In addition to the tangible gifts of guns, gear and even bicycles given away, some winners were also awarded beautiful glass trophies. The top three overall competitors and the top three in the Master, A, B, C, and D classes were awarded trophies, along with the champions in the Pro and Amateur divisions.

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2014 Pro-Am Shooting Southeast Regional Championship Results
Pro Champion: Robert Vogel

Pro Iron Sight Division
1st – Robert Vogel
2nd – Dave Sevigny
3rd – Sal Luna

Pro Open Division
1st – Robert Vogel
2nd – Dave Sevigny
3rd – Manny Bragg

Amateur Iron Sight Division
1st – Gilbert Perez
2nd – Tyler Ingram
3rd – Nick Yanutola

Amateur Open Division
1st – Sal Luna
2nd – Tyler Ingram
3rd – Kenneth Rose

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