Shooters are an independent and opinionated bunch. Some don’t want anyone telling them what they want; they would rather build their own bug-out kit. So if the Model 317 or Judge doesn’t tickle your fancy quite enough, look at some of these other Taurus revolvers and semi-autos and use them as a basis for your custom kit.

Emergency Wheelguns

If you live in a remote area with big game or critters that might bite you, consider the Model 44SS4, a large-frame, 4-inch-barreled revolver that is ported to make it more manageable. If that’s still too big or too much recoil, take a look at the Model 66B6, a medium-frame .357 Magnum with a 6-inch barrel. Maybe you think you’re going to be living out of a backpack for some time, and weight will be critical. The Taurus Model 444MULTI is a featherweight .44 Magnum with a titanium frame.

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Aftermath Autos

Perhaps revolvers are just too old school for you. Check out the Model 1911SS, a stainless steel 1911 with Heinie sights and .45 ACP power. If that’s still too old school for your tastes, look at the Model 24/7 G240SS-15, a 15+1-shot DA/SA semi-auto in .40 S&W. Fans of the 9mm might want to check out the Model 24/7G29SS-17, a 17+1-shot 9mm on a stainless steel frame.


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