It’s like drowning, but without being in water. Every breath becomes harder and harder to take in. All you feel is the firm, immovable arm of your assailant around your neck as black spots appear across your field of vision. Suddenly, everything becomes black. You have passed out—and you are now at the mercy of your attacker.

This is an all too real description of what it’s like to experience being choked to the point of unconsciousness by someone out to take your money, your body or even your life. Although it may seem like you have no other choice but to succumb to your attacker’s powerful grip, there are ways to prevent this, or if captured, ways
to turn the tables on your attacker and make him wish he picked an untrained and less knowledgeable target.

It’s very true that not all self-defense situations are identical, but if you follow the general guidelines above, you will have a fighting chance to make it out of a chokehold alive and without excessive injuries.



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