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A martial arts dojang in Central Arkansas is offering a series of monthly self-defense training seminars for women in the local community.

According to the Associated Press, the abduction and murder of real estate agent Beverly Carter in September prompted Master Tom Mullaney of Grandmaster Han’s Martial Arts of Central Arkansas to start offering the classes.

“(Carter) could have been anyone I know,” he said. “I’m a member of this community, and if something happened to a lady of this community, I would feel awful if I hadn’t offered this opportunity to share what I know.”

Mullaney, who has a wife and three daughters, says the classes not only teach women how to fend off an attacker, but they also help women understand the attacker’s mentality.

There are two types of assault, Mullaney says: stranger assault, and known assault, which is when a boyfriend, husband, friend or family member attacks you. Mullaney thinks stranger assault is the one women should fear the most.

As the AP reports, are four phases of an attack. First, the attacker picks his victim. Next, he isolates them. Then, he exhausts them, and finally, he carries out the assault.

“We want people to understand these four phases,” Mullaney said.

The self-defense seminar taught at Grandmaster Han’s Martial Arts of Central Arkansas teaches situational awareness, self-defense techniques for escaping an attacker, and how to increase the chance of a bystander becoming aware of the attack.

Self-defense classes are normally $75, but Mullaney is teaching this one free of charge.

The first seminar will take place this Saturday from 2-4 p.m. at Grandmaster Han’s, reported. There will be three scheduled per month. The next classes are scheduled for Dec. 20 and Jan. 24 from 10 a.m. to noon.

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