Watch the video below to see the Taurus Curve in action!

Concealed carry is all about carrying a handgun and keeping it concealed. It sounds pretty simple, but a large percentage of those with concealed-carry licenses don’t carry and/or have switched from a large pistol to one for the pocket.

I hear three prime reasons for not carrying every day: the holster and handgun are just too bulky or uncomfortable, concealing a handgun doesn’t fit with my lifestyle and clothing, and so far I’ve never needed a handgun for defense. If any of those are your reason(s) for being unarmed in an uncertain world, Taurus recently announced its newest pistol, the Curve, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

A double-action-only .380 ACP offering a 6+1 capacity, the Taurus Curve has numerous features for which the company is understandably excited. The Curve is so named because it curves to fit the human body. The gun arrives with a reversible belt clip, a loaded-chamber indicator and a straight six-round magazine with a pinkie extension.

In addition to the curved design, this pistol includes a red laser/white light combination that’s built into the frame, a white reticle machined into the slide’s back and its very own holster. The laser/light unit is easily operated with the index finger. Like any new sighting system, the Curve took a little time to adjust to, but it works great during operation. Taurus’ polymer holster attaches to the belt via a paracord lanyard, holds the pistol securely, covers the triggerguard and snaps right off during the draw.

Weighing only 10.2 ounces, with a length of 5.18 inches and a width of 1.18 inches, the Taurus Curve is an ultra-compact pistol that should ride easily anywhere you put it. Extensive de-horning means the Curve is pleasant to handle and should not print as much as other compact pistols. A pistol that’s easy to carry and shoot is always good news, and the Taurus Curve certainly fits the bill.

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