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Ann Sanford hosted a women's self-defense seminar at Alan Belcher Mixed Martial Arts in D'Iberville, MS.
(Photo by WLOX)

A free self-defense class taught by world champion Jiu Jitsu fighter Ann Sanford attracted nearly 100 women at Alan Belcher Mixed Martial Arts in D’Iberville, Mississippi on Sunday.

According to WLOX, Sanford scheduled the free seminar after a woman was attacked last month on the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge.

“I love to share this with women, because they think that they can’t defend themselves, but it’s not true. You just need the right knowledge and the right practice,” said Sanford.

During the two-hour class, Sanford talks to women to listen to their gut instinct and always be prepared to defend themselves. She also teaches a variety of moves designed to help women escape from a dangerous attacker, regardless of size.

“I could teach you hundreds and hundreds of techniques, but I feel like if you understand the concept of where is the weak point in his grip, where are the weak points on the human body, where can he grab you, which strikes are most effective, what targets should I go after. These are things you’re not going to forget,” said Sanford.

Owner Alan Belcher told WLOX that the gym will host another free self-defense seminar in April. In addition, free private self-defense lessons are offered year-round.

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