The Belgian revolver Nagant was a particularly popular model in the early twentieth century in Russia and later in the Soviet Union. This seven-shot revolver featured a unique cylinder that was reloaded one bullet at a time through a loading gate. The NGT Silver is a replica of the popular Belgian revolver Nagant and offers many similar features such as a smooth trigger pull and double action hammer. This seven-shot revolver offers a functional cylinder and a full metal body that provides a real weight comparison and feel while shooting or carrying the air gun. The NGT Silver is powered by a single CO2 canister which is conveniently placed within the grip of the NGT and delivers an impressive velocity of 328 fps out of the historical slim designed barrel.

Gletcher NGT Silver Specifications

* Magazine Capacity: 7
* Weight: 1.54 lbs.
* Length: 9”
* Average Velocity: 328 fps
* Projectile: 4.5mm Steel BB
* Propellant: CO2
* MSRP: $179.99

About Gletcher
Gletcher is a brand under SMG Inc. that associates with real pneumatic weapon enthusiasts with a goal to make a product, which absolutely fulfills the demands of their customers. Gletcher produces top quality replica air guns with meticulous attention to detail. They also provide an individual with the opportunity to attain new skills, train the reflexive skills they already possess as well as provide just plain fun!

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