(Photo by Hyskore)

New York-based manufacturer Hyskore is releasing a host of new products in 2015, chief among them is the brand new Compact Shooting Rest.

This shooting rest was designed to provide a stable, light weight gun support platform that will accommodate all long guns, including those with high capacity magazines and pistol grips. Even better, it’s both portable and compact, making transportation and storage that much easier for the end user. This Compact Shooting Rest comes in color box packaging and will be available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $129.99.

Based in Huntington Station, New York, Hyskore manufactures products that are designed for the serious shooter. “If your aim is to fine-tune the accuracy of your rifle or pistol or you need key accessories, we are focused on developing those products,” Hyskore’s website reads. “HYSKORE® is the industry’s leader in proprietary shooting rests. These include basic fixtures, such as our Black Gun® Shooting Rest, which accommodates modern AR-15 style weapons with high capacity magazines and pistol grips, and sophisticated, compression dampened sighting and shooting rests. The compression dampened series includes our DLX, Dangerous Game®, Dead Eye®, and Black Gun® Machine Rests. Not only are these solid, stable fixtures, but they can help you get your gun zeroed without enduring the discomfort of recoil. All HYSKORE®’s shooting rests are manufactured from cut, welded steel sections that are finished with a durable powder coat finish.

For more information about the Compact Shooting Rest, and the full range of products currently offered by Hyskore, please visit http://www.hyskore.com

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