For those involved in the defensive firearm community, Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper needs no introduction. A respected author, columnist, teacher and combat veteran, Cooper reshaped the way we view self-defense through his “Modern Technique of the Pistol.” This paradigm-shifting concept became the foundation for his renowned shooting school, Gunsite Academy, founded in 1976. Although Cooper passed away in 2006 at the age of 86, his influence continues through to today. His widow, Janelle Cooper, lives on the Gunsite ranch and is the curator of her husband’s library and museum located in their home.

Recognizing that the legendary man’s insights and teachings should be preserved and protected for future generations of shooters, Cooper’s wife Janelle and daughters Christy, Parry and Lindy have created The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation. Janelle serves as its president. The foundation’s stated mission is as follows:

“To preserve, protect and defend the principle of self-reliance and the individual right of self-defense as espoused by Jeff Cooper. The Foundation will provide scholarships for firearms training in the Cooper tradition as well as preserve his writings and his personal collections for posterity.”

The foundation, which accepts tax-deductible donations, is designed to not only ensure the preservation of Cooper’s personal collections and writings, but also to provide scholarships to deserving candidates to attend firearm training at Gunsite. Screened and selected by Janelle and her daughters, recipients receive full class tuition scholarships. The scholarship is the backbone of the foundation, allowing it to pursue its goal of protecting and nurturing the legacy of Jeff Cooper, and ensuring it benefits a new generation of shooters.

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School principal David Bates, a recipient of a Cooper Legacy Foundation scholarship, is shown here with Janelle Cooper.

Elementary school principle David Bates, a recipient of a scholarship through the program, recently attended a 250 Pistol class. “As a Cooper Legacy Foundation scholarship recipient, I am more grateful than I can possibly convey to Mrs. Janelle Cooper, her daughters and all the foundation members for their support. The afternoon spent with Mrs. Cooper at her home was equal to the training received, and the training was by far the best in any venue I have ever received (not just firearms related).

“My heartfelt thanks goes out to Mrs. Janelle Cooper and her daughters as well as all the members and supporters of the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation. Without their support, this opportunity would have been impossible and it is certainly a life-changing event to have attended the Gunsite 250 Pistol class,” he continued. “I hope that their investment in me will truly honor Colonel Cooper’s memory in some small fashion. I will do my best to prove them right. I am honored to have been selected by the foundation.”

If the foundation’s noble mission inspires you, please consider donating a gift to help further the cause.

For more information on the foundation, visit To learn more about Gunsite, visit or call 928-636-4565.

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