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Martial arts expert John Terry hosted a self-defense class for women in Bryant, Arkansas.
(Photo by KATV)

A renowned martial arts hall of famer hosted a women’s self-defense class in Arkansas.

According to KATV, a recent attack on an elderly woman in Hot Springs prompted John Terry — holder of black belts in five separate martial arts disciplines and a member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his work as a self-defense instructor — to host the class this past Saturday.

“The incident that recently happened at the mall. The lady was leaving work, was walking out and was sexually assaulted in her car. A friend of mine knew the family. She called and said, is there something we can do to respond?,” said Terry.

Terry’s response was to hold a free class at Grace Church in Bryant, Arkansas on Saturday morning.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to be prepared. Pastor Tim Barnett told KATV beforehand that he encouraged his wife to attend the event.

“She studied tae kwon do as a child, but she’s actually going to come in tomorrow and see what other skills she can garner,” said Barnett.

As KATV reports, Terry says his classes offer simple, but vital self-defense techniques.

“They begin to look at and try some of the techniques that we teach, and they realize I can do this. You kind of start seeing that confidence come out and the energy that happens and builds in the room,” said Terry.

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