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Guardian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Helena, Montana is offering a women’s awareness and self-defense class for the local community.

According to KPAX, this six-week course teaches a variety of different techniques on how to escape or defend yourself in a dangerous situation. Above all else, it’s important to be smart in these situations, instructor Angela Johnson says.

“We want to be smart about how we use our energy, if you are spending all of your energy at the wrong time, doing the wrong technique or what you think is the right technique, it could be detrimental because that’s their goal is to exhaust you so that you don’t fight back,” said Johnson.

The maneuvers and techniques taught in this course apply to everyone, regardless of age, size or height.

“That is the whole key about the entire program, it’s about technique it’s about angles, range, distance. If you perform the technique, then you don’t have to be stronger, you don’t have to be faster, you don’t have to be more agile, or bigger,” Johnson said.

For more information about the women’s self-defense classes offered by Guardian Jiu Jitsu Academy, visit

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