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Nevada’s controversial background check measure that expands requirements for firearm purchases is heading to the state legislature, Secretary of State Ross Miller’s office announced yesterday.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, over 40,000 people signed petitions for the measure in each of the four Congressional districts, for a total of 166,779. Just over 25,000 signatures were needed in each district.

A total of 101,667 signatures were required from registered Nevada voters to qualify for the next legislative session.

The background check measure extends background checks to include people who buy guns over the internet and at gun shows.

As the Review-Journal reports, the Nevada Legislature has 40 days to act on the measure. If the legislature passes and the governor signs it, it will become law. If the legislature does nothing or the Governor doesn’t sign it, the measure will go to the 2016 Nevada ballot.

Just last week, pro-gun group Nevadans for State Gun Rights wrote a letter to Miller citing irregularities in the petition process, such as supporters of the measure missing the deadline to deliver the petition signatures to a clerk, a signature-gatherer’s affidavit missing, and signatures dated after the affidavit was notarized.

It seems that letter has fallen on deaf ears, as the universal background check measure will be submitted to the Nevada Legislature in 2015.

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