Remington's Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System, remington
(Photo by Remington)

Remington is best known for manufacturing firearms and ammunition, but they also sell a range of high quality gun care products, including their Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System.

This system — based on the Rem Squeeg-E which eliminates the need for cleaning patches — comes with all the tools needed to clean almost any firearm, ranging from a .22 caliber handgun to a 12-gauge shotgun. This system features 10 Remington Squee-E’s, 10 matching bronze brushes, two cleaning brushes, three cables for rifles, shotguns and pistols, and much more. For added convenience, all of these tools are packed in a green canvas range bag with a shoulder strap. The bag itself is designed to fit four boxes of shotgun shells, or up to eight boxes of other ammo.

The Remington Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System retails for $80. See below for a rundown of what’s included, as well as a video.


* (3) Rem Flex Rod Cables (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol/Revolver)
* Patented Fast Snap T-Handle
* .22/.223/5.56mm Rem Squeeg-E
* .243 Rem Squeeg-E
* .270/7mm Rem Squeeg-E
* .308/7.62mm Rem Squeeg-E
* 9mm/.380/.357 Rem Squeeg-E
* .40/10mm Rem Squeeg-E
* .44/.45 Rem Squeeg-E
* .50/.410 Rem Squeeg-E
* 20GA/28GA Rem Squeeg-E
* 12GA/16GA Re® Squeeg-E
* (10) Matching Bronze Bore Brushes
* Threaded Revolver Adapter
* Large thread adapter
* Nylon and Brass Hand Brushes (1 each)
* Yellow Gun Cloth
* Medium Rem® Pad Gun Cleaning Mat (12″ x 28″)
* Rem® All In Bore Cleaner (0.5 fl oz)
* Rem® Oil (1.0 fl oz)
* Range Bag with Shoulder Strap
* Instruction Sheet

For more information about the Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System, and the full range of products currently offered by Remington, please visit

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