Watch videos of Adam R. Lindsey, Ashley Rheuark, Randi Rogers & Tom Yost competing at the 2014 IDPA U.S. Nationals below!

One of the fastest growing action shooting sports is the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), which started in 1996 to competitively challenge shooters through the combined use of service ammunition, practical handguns and mostly off-the-shelf holsters in simulated defensive situations. With over 25,000 IDPA shooters in over 50 different countries, it is one of the most exciting organizations and has changed the face of shooting sports all over the world. Members include men and women of all ages who range in skill from novice to experienced, including some of the best pistol shooters in the world, many of whom met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the 2014 IDPA United States National Championship.

The IDPA U.S. Championship was held Tuesday, September 9th through Saturday, September 13, 2014, at the U.S. Shooting Academy with over 400 top competitors from the United States and even some from Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Each shooter had to engage a variety of fixed and moving targets (paper and steel) with a limited amount of ammunition (250 rounds each) and had to beat the ticking clock at each of the 15 different stages.

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Each stage was constructed by Match Director Michael “Iron Mike” Webb to realistically stress each shooter’s ability, equipment and concentration, all while mimicking real-world defensive scenarios while seated, standing, moving or prone and engaged in a routine task like holding a camera, carrying groceries, watching TV or even washing your hands.

The IDPA ensures that just about any kind of pistol can be used, and because of the wide variety of classifications and divisions available, shooters compete on an equal basis against similarly equipped and ranked competitors. Shooters of all ages used revolvers and semi-auto pistols in competing for the prizes and plaques awarded at a banquet on Saturday night hosted by Smith & Wesson. The awards included major categories as well as individual distinctions such as High Junior, Most Accurate Shooter and High Lady.

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Using a new Glock 41 Gen4 in .45 ACP, Deon Martin brought home the Master Class win in the Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP) division. The USPSA Grand Master and IDPA Master-class shooter had made it his mission to win the 2014 title using an out-of-the-box stock pistol to compete with customized pistols designed to shoot the .45 ACP cartridge.

“The G41 Gen4 has proven to me once again that it is the best .45 ACP pistol on the market today that anyone can purchase, compete with and win without having to do thousands of dollars of customizing,” said Martin. “Being able to represent Glock this year, compete to win with a pistol that was introduced just this year, and bring home this highly competitive honor is a tribute to the vision the gunmaker has in providing a safe, reliable and accurate platform for any shooter.”

Click here for the 2014 IDPA U.S. National Championship results!

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