The following press release was issued by AirForce Airguns

AirForce Airguns revealed their groundbreaking new hunting air rifle, the Texan. The Texan has the famous AirForce look and feel, but is a .45 caliber pre-charged pneumatic airgun that shoots a .45 slug at power levels in excess of 500 foot pounds.

Prior to today’s announcement, there had been much speculation about a .30 or .357 caliber air rifle. In keeping with AirForce’s leadership role in the pre-charged airgun market, the Texan is chambered for .45 slugs to make it the most powerful US made hunting air rifle.

“We have been developing this gun for a couple of years now,” said AirForce founder and CEO John McCaslin. “When we started toward a serious hunting gun, we knew it had to be a larger caliber than most on the market today. Going with the .45 gave us the best balance of energy, accuracy and stopping power.”

The gun has been field tested by some of the top airgun hunters in America including Mac and Prowler, Adventures Afield and, of course, AirForce Airguns Evangelist Ton Jones.

The Texan features a 34 inch precision rifled barrel and a side lever for loading and cocking. The lever is designed for smooth easy action. All of the features that have made AirForce America’s favorite pre-charged airgun are present on the Texan, including the distinctive and unique AirForce look.

The gun weighs in at an easy to carry and handle 7.65 pounds and has an overall length of 48 inches. MSRP is set at $1054.95 and is also available in several shooting kits that include scope and rings.

Keep an eye on AirForce’s Facebook page at for show floor photo and video reports throughout Industry Day at The Range and all 4 show days.

AirForce Airguns has been innovating, designing and producing precision pre-charged air guns at their Fort Worth, Texas headquarters for over 15 years. AirForce is known for developing the most technologically advanced airgun shooting systems in the world and is the original and favorite black airgun. With a reputation for flexibility and legendary accuracy, AirForce Airguns offers a solution for just about any airgun shooting situation.

For more information on AirForce Airguns, visit the website or write to AirForce Airguns, P.O. Box 2478, Fort Worth, Texas 76113

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