There are a lot of options when it comes to concealed carry, but one of the most interesting has always been carrying in an ankle holster, particularly for a backup or secondary gun. There are several advantages to this type of carry—especially when seated or in a vehicle—and most people do not expect you to be carrying a weapon in that location.

The Undercover Ankle Holster with D-Ring from Blue Stone Safety Products is a very versatile design that accommodates a variety of compact and mid-sized pistols and revolvers. The adjustable hook-and-loop system also allows the user to place the holster higher up on the leg, above boot level, for deeper concealment and better comfort. The D-Ring system also works to secure the holster in place, ensuring that it will not ride down or shift during the day.

The retention thumb snap keeps the gun in the holster if you have to run, climb or engage in some other activity while still providing fast access. The black nylon construction is tough and will last, plus the unit also features a plush sheepskin backing for comfort against the skin.

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