Colt’s 1911 Rail Gun pistols are some of the toughest, most dependable .45 ACP semi-autos on the market. In fact, you might have noticed that some Marines are now carrying the M45A1 CQBP, a modified version of the Colt Rail Gun. For 2015, Colt has expanded its lineup to include a few more winners with Picatinny rails for adding accessories, National Match barrels, Novak sights and enhanced controls.

First up is the 04012RG, an all-stainless-steel Combat Commander with a Government-length dust cover. Next is the 04840RG, an all-black Lightweight Commander that weighs about 25 percent less with an aluminum receiver. Both of these pistols feature 4.25-inch barrels.

Colt has also expanded its M45A1 production to fulfill more civilian orders. These 5-inch-barreled pistols feature Flat Dark Earth finishes and unique, extra-traction grips.

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The 01880RG is an all-black Lightweight Government Model Rail Gun with a hardcoat anodized aluminum receiver, a carbon steel slide and a 5-inch barrel. Finally, Colt is offering several 9mm Government-sized 1911s in its 1991 series for shooters who don’t want the weight or kick of a .45 ACP pistol. Commander models are also available with various finishes, grips and extras.

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