Daltech Force, an Indiana-based manufacturer of gun belts, holsters, holster shirts, and other concealed carry items, has announced it is bringing back its Investigator dress gun belt due to popular demand.

The Investigator enables the end user to easily carry concealed in a suit or dress pants. It is 1.25″ wide and made of 3/16″ thick premium stitched bullhide leather. It also boasts a dual layer construction. This belt comes with a choice of four buckle styles, and users have the option of adding an internal metal stiffener for added support. The manufacturer suggested retail price is $69.99. See below for a rundown of features for the Investigator dress gun belt.


* Narrow 1.25″ width to fit your dress pants loops
* 3/16″ thick premium stitched bullhide leather
* Dual layer leather construction for true gun belt thickness and just the right stiffness.
* Your choice of 4 buckle styles
* Pick 7 holes or 9 holes with 1″ or 3/4″ spacing
* Choose to add an internal metal stiffener for extra support
* Handmade in our USA workshop in 3-4 business days
* Lifetime Warranty
* Free shipping

For more information about the Investigator Dress Gun Belt, and the full range of products currently offered by Daltech Force, please visit

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