DeSantis Gunhide has built a reputation in the concealed-carry community for high-quality holsters that keep your gun in position when you need it most. One of the most interesting offerings from DeSantis this year is the DeSantis Incognito, which consists of a small, smartphone-sized pouch made from 1060D ballistic nylon that’s able to fit most small semi-auto handguns, specifically the subcompact Glock 42. Positioned either vertically or horizontally, the Incognito’s non-descript appearance allows you to conceal your firearm in plain sight.

The new DeSantis CHAMP holster offers a dynamic design that allows it to be moved for right- or left-hand carry by moving just one screw. Meanwhile, an adjustable tension device and triggerguard detent keep your pistol securely seated. The CHAMP will soon be available for several Glock pistols, including the G17, G19, G22, G26, G27, G42, the Smith & Wesson M&P and Smith & Wesson 2-inch J-Frames.

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Another interesting new design from Desantis is the T-Gat, a rugged belt holster that features highly detailed molding and a reinforced thumb break. Available in black or saddle tan, the T-Gat can be worn for cross-draw or strong-side carry and will fit most large-framed semi-autos.

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