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(Photo by WXIA/11Alive)

A Decatur, Georgia homeowner shot a man attempting to burglarize his home on Monday.

According to WXIA, the unidentified suspect used a crowbar on the front door. Fortunately, the homeowner heard the thief trying to break in and quickly grabbed his home defense shotgun in preparation. Upon entering the residence, the burglar came face-to-face with the armed homeowner.

The would-be burglar immediately fled back to his car.

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“As he was getting into his vehicle, the homeowner reported that it appeared to him he was reaching for something in the vehicle,” said DeKalb County Police Capt. Steven Fore. “And in fear, he fired his weapon.”

As WXIA-TV reports, the suspect was shot in the shoulder. He still managed to escape from the area, but was eventually found by police at a nearby Texaco gas station. He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital to be treated for his injuries, and then taken to DeKalb County Jail for booking.

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The homeowner will likely not face any charges related to the shooting, WXIA notes.

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