The new Glock Modular Optic System (MOS) was designed by Glock engineers to enable users to mount their preferred reflex sights to their pistol in order to improve target acquisition. The G34 Gen4, G35 Gen4 and G41 Gen4 are now available in the new MOS Configuration, with the Glock 40 Gen4 MOS Configuration coming soon. The long-slide G40 Gen4, chambered in the powerful 10mm cartridge, has an appeal to handgun hunters and potentially to law enforcement as well. One of the first persons to shoot the incredible G40 Gen4 In MOS Configuration with a reflex sight was R. Lee Ermey, better known as “The Gunny.” The Gunny is well known for his many and varied roles, from the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket to the host of Lock N’ Load With R. Lee Ermey and even a recent series of Glock commercials. The Gunny picked up the 10mm powerhouse and had no trouble putting rounds on target right away, without difficulty.

The new Glock MOS Configuration offers a convenient way to mount reflex sights without costly alterations to a warrantied slide. The Glock MOS models include an Adapter Plate Kit that contains four adapter plates as well as the tools for the removal and installation of a variety of optics. Optics are not included with the MOS pistols.

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Glock is renowned for its pistols because they are safe, reliable and fast to target. This combination makes Glock pistols the first choice among many consumers and law enforcement, with approximately 65 percent of U.S. law enforcement agencies choosing to carry Glocks. The new MOS Configuration models look to keep Glock a top choice on the range and on duty.

For more about Glock’s new MOS Configuration models, check out the 2015 issue of GLOCK AUTOPISTOLS. To purchase, go to

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