New York-based accessories manufacturer Hyskore has unveiled its Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack.

As the name implies, this rack has a capacity of six guns with either single stack or double stack magazines and is modular, meaning that the components can be taken apart and reassembled by the end user and (with additional racks), can be set up to maximize storage space on a shelf or in a vault. This can be accomplished using a 3/16″ threaded rod, washers, and hex nuts which can be purchased at any home improvement store. As the product listing notes, this rack is constructed from closed cell, non-reactive foam that will not absorb moisture or react with lubricants or solvents. It boasts a soft, suede-like finish while offering firm support. The dimensions are 11 ¼” wide x 7 ½” deep x 6″ high.

Available at major retailers in 2015, the manufacturer suggested retail price for the Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack is $34.99

Based in Huntington Station, New York, Hyskore manufactures products that are designed for the serious shooter. “If your aim is to fine-tune the accuracy of your rifle or pistol or you need key accessories, we are focused on developing those products,” Hyskore’s website reads. “All our products are manufactured in our factories overseas to our exacting specifications. We do not sell to retail end users. Our products are available from major catalog and retail organizations.”

For more information about the Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack, and the full range of products currently offered by Hyskore, please visit

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