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KRYTAC, a KRISS brand, offers affordable airsoft and rimfire products that could serve as excellent training options. One of KRYTAC’s newest releases is the Trident SPR, which will be available as an airsoft or rimfire carbine.

The Trident SPR is designed to be the ideal scout rifle to take into the field. Surrounding the 14.5-inch barrel is a 13-inch, free-floating Defiance KeyMod handguard that gives the user numerous customization options. The handguard features three prongs at the front that can be used to brace the gun against barricades, eliminating the need for an aftermarket barricade stop rail accessory. The aluminum receivers feature a stamped KRYTAC logo and a dull matte black finish.

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Additional features include an ambidextrous fire selector and a locking bolt that provides easy access to the KRYTAC rotary hop-up system. The KRYTAC rotary hop-up has 15 adjustment settings and a numbered adjustment wheel for a quick reference point to determine how much “hop” is needed. At the rear of the SPR is the KRYTAC adjustable battery stock, which features two different battery configurations; nun-chuck-style batteries can fit in the tubes or a small lithium polymer brick battery can fit at the rear of the stock in front of the buttpad. A third battery option for the Trident CRB is a stick battery in the buffer tube. The stock also features two QD sling swivel divots as well as a loop for strap-type sling attachments. The SPR has the look of a long-distance rifle, and it also has the power plant to back it up.

For more information, visit or call 855-574-7787.

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