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(Photo by Facebook/Franklinton Police Department)

Police in Franklinton, Louisiana are set to host a self-defense class for the general public on Jan. 26-27.

According to the Daily News, the classes — which are completely free of charge — will take place at police headquarters located at 409 11th Ave on both days from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

“The focus of the course is to show how to avoid a bad incident and then being able to defend yourself as a last resort,” Corp. Brian Davidson said. “There is no age limit, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody younger than high school age.”

The class will cover a variety of self-defense topics, including awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance. The first day will consist of classroom instruction, and the second day will feature hands-on training.

As the Daily News reports, Davidson and Corp. Bubba Pugh will teach the class.

“I’ve been teaching self defense for years,” Davidson said. “We did this three or four times per year when I was with the sheriff’s department in Jones County, Miss. We got good feedback up there with it. We’ve wanted to do it here but got tied up with caseloads.”

To register for the course, contact Davidson at 985-205-5884 or Pugh at 985-614-0355.

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