Lyman Products has expanded its cleaning products lineup with its Universal Cleaning Rod System and Universal Bore Guide Set to keep your weapons clean and achieving maximum performance. The Universal Cleaning Rod System covers all handguns and rifles between its two included 36-inch rods and two 12-inch rods, while the Universal Bore Guide Set directs and centers your cleaning rod and jag through the chamber to protect against abrasion.

Lyman’s cleaning rods are made from epoxy-coated spring steel and can be threaded into the kit’s ergonomic swivel handle. These interchangeable rods and the handle are available for sale individually, while the four most popular sizes are included with the kit. Also, the entire kit weighs only 3 pounds, making it extremely portable.

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The Universal Bore Guide Set will fit most bolt-action designs and includes an adapter for work on AR-15 rifles as well. The set is made from anodized aluminum and comes with interchangeable tips for bore sizes from .17 to .416. A solvent port also makes applying solvent to a cleaning patch easier during maintenance. The set will work with most cleaning rods, including the Lyman Universal Cleaning Rod System.

For more information on Lyman’s cleaning supplies, visit or call 800-225-9626.

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