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The following press release was issued by Max Michel, Jr. and Double-Alpha Academy

Max Michel, Jr., champion competitive shooter, firearms instructor and television personality, in conjunction with Double-Alpha Academy (DAA), is pleased to announce the official launch of their joint smartphone application, Pro-Shot, now available for iOS mobile devices. Michel and DAA have pooled their combined years of experience and abilities to produce this revolutionary product, an invaluable tool for IPSC and USPSA shooters.

With Pro-Shot, serious shooters will be able to analyze their current shooting performance in 12 skill sets and compare results to a base line created from the results of some of the world’s best IPSC shooters. It informs the user of his or her current strengths and weaknesses, providing quantified percentage results in each skill set, as well as overall performance.

Once the test is complete, the user is able to make use of the training module. This module includes over 120 practice drills, all customized to address individual skill sets. Users can choose from three levels of automation when creating a practice session: full (the app takes control and custom builds a practice session for the user based on the test results), or a full or partial self-designed practice session.

Pro-Shot is packed with useful tools and features, such as a progress tracking analysis tool, the possibility to share results and progress on Facebook or export them by email, a “bill of materials” for practice sessions, classic or metric targets, full color drill sketches, multi-person practice sessions and much more.

The test section of the app can be downloaded for free. The Pro-Shot app is now available for download through iTunes here: .

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