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For 2015, KRISS has introduced a new 9mm variant to its KRISS Vector CRB lineup. Following on the original .45 ACP design, the 9mm version will also feature the company’s patented KSV closed-bolt, delayed-blowback action and function with Glock magazines. While the .45 ACP designs accepted Glock 21 mags, the 9mm variant will accept 17-round Glock 17 magazines. The next generation of the KRISS Vector CRBs be available in a variety of Cerakote finishes, including OD green and Flat Dark Earth. They will also feature a new pivoting trigger design and a respoitioned safety switch to improve handling for users with smaller hands.

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KRISS Vector CRBs are known for their minimal felt recoil and reduced muzzle climb. The design achieves this by redirecting the recoil force downward and away from the operator, allowing them to maintain enhanced control during rapid-fire strings. Each carbine comes standard with an adjustable folding stock, top and bottom Picatinny rails, ambidextrous control and flip-up iron sights. And despite its high-tech appearance, the KRISS Vector is still simple to take down—by removing only four push pins, the KRISS Vector CRB will field strip in a matter of a seconds without the use of any tools.

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