gemtech gm-45
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Gemtech and Kimber have teamed up to deliver a personal defense and training package that delivers a 1911-style Kimber pistol with a high-quality Gemtech suppressor. The Kimber GT SOC pistol is a combat-ready 1911 design with a threaded barrel and raised luminescent sights that can serve your everyday carry needs all on its own. The suppressor included with the package is Gemtech’s popular GM-45 model.

The GM-45 suppressor utilizes Gemtech’s G-Core technology, which is very user friendly and will allow any user to clean and maintain the entire unit for prolonged field use. The GM-45 weighs only 5.5 ounces thanks to its rugged 7075 aluminum construction. The unit is only 6.6 inches in length and 1.3 inches in diameter, yet it offers a sound reduction of 21 to 23 decibels in use. The GM-45 is anodized along its interior while its outside has received a matte black Cerakote finish that also reduces the unit’s IR signature as well. Every Gemtech GM-45 suppressor is shipped with a .578-28 piston.

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Whether you’re interested in an elite training package or a winning combination for personal defense, this is a unique offering to check out.

For more information on this personal defense and training package, visit or call the company at 208-939-7222

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