American Gunsmithing Institute
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The American Gunsmithing Institute is one of the premiere resources learning the new gunsmithing skills. Each video course features master gunsmiths explaining how to maintain and troubleshoot a specific firearm design. AGI guarantees its products with a 100-percent “Bulletproof” guarantee, allowing anyone unsatisfied customer to return their DVD for a full refund.

One of the most popular new courses from the American Gunsmithing Institute is the “Troubleshooting 1911-Style Auto Pistols” program. Taught by master gunsmith Gene Shuey, this course is designed to diagnose and cure any and all 1911-style pistol problems, including misfeeds and jams, issues with the hammer, extractor, ejector, slide stop, frame ramp, barrel ramp, accuracy, the sights, springs, slide, thumb safety, grip safet, trigger, barrels, grips and the pistol’s magazines. The idea is to give the 1911 user insight into the gun’s mechanics and the knowledge necessary to fix common (and not-so-common) issues during operation. All in all, the course researches and explains the solutions to over 50 operational problems with 1911-style pistols.

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These courses are essential for any serious shooter because it allows them to better maintain their firearms for use in the real world.

For more information about what courses are available from the American Gunsmithing Institute, visit or call 800-797-0867.

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