Taurus has introduced a number of new designs and modifications to it concealed-carry lineup for 2015. While designs like the Taurus Curve look to redefine the standard for minimal printing from a compact pistol, the company has also updated its classic Model 85 revolver and 738 TCP semi-auto pistol for improved performance during concealed carry.

The Taurus Curve is a semi-auto .380 ACP with a 6+1 capacity that’s actually curved to better conform to the users body shape during everyday carry. What’s more, the 10.2-ounce Curve comes with a clip on its right side, along the gun to be clipped to the user’s waistband and eschewing the need for a holster. Rounded edges provide for a snag-free draw while an integral light and laser aiming device give concealed carriers every edge necessary to survive an armed attack. Instead of traditional sights, the pistol uses a bore-axis sighting system for instinctual point shooting at self-defense distances.

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Taurus has also been busy revamping its five-shot Model 85 revolver design to include a unique removable hammer spur. This alteration will allow concealed carriers to alter the revolver’s profile to better facilitate snag-free draws from concealment.

Another unique addition by Taurus appeared in its TCP lineup, as the company redesigned the compact semi-auto’s slide to include “wings” behind the slide serrations. These small fold-down levers will allow users to manipulate the slide more easily.

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